Before hiring a link builder to develop your backlink profile there are some concepts of Link Building that you should know.

5 things that you should know about Link Building

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1. What is Link Building?

Link Building is a strategy used to increase the backlinks of a website.

It is not the only way to increase the backlink but it is one of the most used in many markets.

2. Link Building is not used by all successful websites

You can look at Link Building as a way of boosting Google rankings but it needs to be a part of a long term SEO strategy to work well.

Choosing whether or not to use the link building technique depends on many factors. One of which is the market you are working in.

In fact, in some markets it is more simple to receive links than others.

3. Domain Authority is not the main metric to analyse a website

Domain Authority is a metric invented by Moz. It is not connected with Google.
This and other metrics that you can find in many SEO tools, only give a broad idea on how a website is performing.
A good SEO expert has to evaluate the quality of a website, not only from the numbers taken from a tool, but from the contents.


4. Which anchor-text you need to use?

If your website receives links with specific keywords, it will improve in SERP for these keywords.
So you have to receive links with the most important keywords of your project, if you want to improve your ranking.


5. Who to call on for Link Building Services

There are many link sellers and Facebook Groups where you can buy guest posts.
The problem is that you could get into low-quality websites created only to publish guest posts.

Furthermore, one of the key aspects of building links is the creation of high-quality content where the link to your website is placed.

We talk mainly about that in the article Google’s point of view on links from guest posts.
Our advice is to contact agencies that have a lot of experience as link providers and in PR.

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