SEO Consultant

I’m Andrea Lo Giudice and I work as SEO Specialist since 2014.
InAlto Web was born in 2018 when I started my activity of SEO Freelance.

I collaborate with:

  • Entrepreneurs that want to improve the online presence of their project or e-commerce
  • Web Agencies to manage SEO projects.

What is InAlto Web?

InAlto Web is the place to find the right online strategy for your business.

My job is based on 4 main steps:

1st Step

SEO Audit

 During this phase, I analyze your website to check all parameters that are important for Search Engines and users. 
I will conduct both On-site and Off-site analysis to check how your website is positioned on the Search Engines.

2nd Step

Resolving Critical Issues

INow it’s the moment to optimise your website and solving all the critical issues that the On-site Audit showed. Examples:

  • Optimise HTML code (titles, description and all-important tags)
  • Improve the speed
  • Creation of SEO Friendly content
  • Optimise of the sales Funnel

3rd Step

Off-site optimisation

Backlink acquisition to improve the positions of the main project keywords.

4th Step

Analysis and Monitoring

Set up Google Analytics to check the results of the SEO campaign.