About Us

InAlto Web was founded by me, Andrea Lo Giudice, in 2018, the same year I moved to Birmingham, in the UK.

My career as SEO Specialist started in 2014, when I worked for a Maltese web agency.

The main purpose of InAlto Web is to offer real help to all those digital entrepreneurs who wish to improve their projects. For this reason, in addition to my profession as SEO Specialist, I do also work as SEO Freelance consultant.


 About Andrea Lo Giudice

Since I was a kid, I have always been attracted to the IT world. Considered my age, as I was born in 1985, I even had the honour and opportunity to witness the prehistory of personal computers!

Not to mention that my little Amiga had no hard disk and I always had to save my files on floppy disks. Even though IT has always attracted me, my first working experiences were as a salesman.

Inspired by Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Cialdini books, I started to work for different companies, trying to learn as much as possible about the art of selling.

In no time I realized that apart from sales activities and the relationship with the client, what made the difference was also the workload management. These aspects still help me nowadays in my web marketer activities.

First time I really approached online marketing was in 2014, when I worked as Link Builder for a Maltese agency.

When I first started, I used to work at the Link Building for our clients. After a few years of studies and after gaining more experience, I was also assigned to the SEO On-Site development.

In 2017 I became Seo Specialist for an Italian online Casino, managing in a short period of time to turn it into one of the most popular web casinos on the market.

How InAlto Web was born

As soon as I landed in Birmingham, I thought: “why choose the best people in your town if you can choose the best people in Europe?”

And once again, the web rescued me, allowing me to achieve my goals and make the long distance easier between me and people I was trying to reach.

The best side of the Web, the one I have always truly loved, gave me the opportunity to meet new people, many coworkers and clients from far away.

Today, I am glad to say that all the workload in InAlto Web is managed online in a very efficient and organized way: from the acquisition of new clients, to keeping the existing ones in the best way, along with the relationship with collaborators.


What do we do

InAlto Web provides web marketing services to companies that wish to improve their website traffic and conversions.

Among our clients you can either find entrepreneurs trying to optimize their e-commerce, as long as web agencies that want to develop their SEO and link building campaigns for their clients.

You cannot underestimate the web as competition is really high and in continuous growth in all sectors.

In conclusion, if you decide to venture into an online project or want to expand your business, you have two different options: you can either study really hard and do everything on your own or ask for help from specialists who already know what to do and can use their knowledge and experience to help you more efficiently.

If you think the second option works for you, take my advice: fill out the form or send an email, describing your project.

My Team and I will be more than happy to arrange a call to get to know you.

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