The main goal of an SEO campaign is to improve the search engine website traffic from specific keywords that can lead to an increase in sale conversions.

Improving traffic and sale conversions with SEO - DaVinci Salute

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In this case study, we will talk about the SEO off-site strategy and the results achieved by one of our clients


Who is DaVinci Salute

DaVinci Salute is an Italian start-up created in 2018. They offer remote healthcare services for doctors and patients.

DaVinci Salute created an innovative platform to manage medical visits and other related tasks. Through the platform, doctors can contact their patients easily and plan visits, monitoring patients’ symptoms or payments.

In 2019 the telehealth market was at the very beginning. Few users knew about these kinds of services and the most popular were psychological consultations in Italy.

In the health market in general, there is very strong competition in SERP.

The players have high-quality websites and content.

DaVinci Salute ’s main goal was to improve the keyword positions connected to both the services that they offer and specific healthcare problems.

Although had plenty of high-quality content, the website was struggling to increase its organic traffic after a year of being live.



The collaboration between InAlto Web and DaVinci Salute started in December 2019 when we started to manage the SEO Off-site strategy of their website.

The first goal of our strategy was to improve the keywords with the highest volume and sale conversion rate (transactional keywords).

Afterwards, we started to work on the informational keywords related to the blog content.

The backlink acquisition has been developed through both news and health-related websites.

We have created content on a wide range of health-related topics.



The DaVinci Salute website has been improving remarkably in popularity and organic traffic.

The organic traffic increased from 14.000 to over 460.000 from September 2019 to January 2021.

It has been increased by about 3300%.

The traffic increment leads the increase of the sale conversions.

You can see in the graph below that the sale conversions are calculated as new appointments booked (blue colours).

There was a strong improvement and DaVinci Salute registered 16.000 new appointments in the second half of 2020.

The increase was 1400% between the first and the second half of 2020.